When I purchase Online Coaching what happens next?

You will be sent our Health Questionnaire via email. You are to complete with as much detail as possible. Take your measurements and full body photos first thing in the AM after going to the toilet. Then we’ll get started!

With the Nutrition advice, do I have to eat a specific meal plan?

No, you have the independence to eat freely, with suggested Macronutrients and Micronutrients based off your measurements, body type, lifestyle etc. We are trying to create healthy living with a long-term method that is maintainable. No more drastic diet fads that have you starved then binging, in a vicious cycle.

Are the products sent out hard copy or get sent to me?

Everything is done via online. So you will be sent emails, PDF’s and member log in details for the website. You can then print your PDF’s as necessary.

Can anyone do these programs?

Our programs are designed for all fitness levels. Online Coaching will help ensure you are given an appropriate Program level eg. Beginner / intermediate / advanced. As they will continue to challenge you each program phase.

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