Izzy Beeston – Founder of Ambitious Bodies

With over 7 years working in the Fitness Industry, being accredited in Nutrition for Stress Anxiety and Depression, and living with the incurable inflammatory disease Ankylosing Spondylitis, Izzy is an advocate for empowering women’s health, strength and independence.

Mental health and living in physical pain run close to heart for Izzy. But depression and spinal arthritis aren’t going go hold her back from living life on her own terms, one in abundance of choice, travel and growth. Stress, anxiety and injury are three common obstacles most women will face in their life, so Izzy is determined to help ladies thrive through life despite.

It’s one thing for a woman to achieve in business, but another for their personal care and confidence to be simultaneously flourishing.

“More things won’t make you happy”

Izzy came from a family of teachers and a background in sports – netball, horse riding, circus acrobatics, and football to name a few – so discipline and hard work ethic ran deep. 

Throughout her teens to early 20’s she had eleven jobs, often multiple at once. Izzy multi-tasked working 5am-12pm as a gym Receptionist, with 1.30-4.30pm as a licensing receptionist and studying 6.30-9.30pm as a Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist. 

With a new home alongside an investment property, a booked-out employee in her Personal Training business and easy work as a Fitness Model all at age 24, it’s safe to say Izzy portrays “practise what you preach” in terms of achieving in business simultaneously to one’s personal care.

“If there’s one lesson learnt in my years’ experience as a Personal Trainer, it’s that more things won’t make you happy. You can have all the career growth in the world, the brands and the toys, but if your soul isn’t replenished and your body isn’t nourished, you just don’t ‘feel good’.”

It’s become Izzy’s life’s mission to help women live better lives through building physical strength and self-love amongst being fierce workplace leaders. For her clients Izzy uses slow-approach, long-term strategies enabling women to make total lifestyle transformations and shift away from yo-yo crash diets and burn-out plans. 

The trick? make exercising and eating well enjoyable, sustainable and unconditional. If you would like Izzy to help you regain your work-life balance email IzzyBeeston@AmbitiousBodies.com.au

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