Personal Training is going to take your workouts to new heights.

You are going to perfect your technique and lift safely, increase strength weekly, learn to prevent and also rehabilitate, previous or existing injuries. Training with Izzy is like no one else, with a history of dancing, Circus acrobatics and Aussie Football we are going to have a tone of fun with training variety whilst improving strength and mobility. You will feel the improvements in your everyday life!

Pre & Post-Natal, Fat-loss, Body Building, Strength, HIIT and Circuit Training, Body Weight and TRX Training, Acrobatics, Macro-Tracking and Nutrition Advice.

Personal Training is available to Perth residents only and will be held at:
Roar Fitness 247, Cockburn.

Personal Training Options Available:

  • 45min Solo Personal Training
  • 45min Partner Personal Training
  • 1 hour Solo Personal Training
  • 1 hour Partner Personal Training

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Let me help you lose weight, build muscle and
become the best version of you!

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