4 Week Training Program Taster

$100.00 $90.00

Hate cardio? ..Cardio is not always the answer. 

  • ditch cardio and pick up some dumbbells; 
  • tone and shape your body with heavy weights and lesser reps;
  • enjoy a highly structured, muscle-balanced and FUN programme;
  • increase your weights in the gym almost weekly;
  • build confidence, feel alongside look better in your body!

Use this 4 Week Training Program as an introduction to following an advanced, long-term solution programme. Take your mediocre training regime to new heights by recognising specific muscle training patterns, maximising results and minimising effort by working smart, not hard.

Pre-recquissits: Are you right for this program?

  • Passion for your results and the beautiful process itself;
  • Commitment and dedication to the 4 week period, no excuses;
  • Willingness to learn about nutrition and exercise;
  • Independence in the gym.

What’s included?

1. Training:

  • 1 x 4 week Training Program tailored to your abilities, goals, training frequency, location;
  • Pre & post natal *pelvic floor* tailored;
  • Home / gym / park tailored;
  • Injury rehab tailored;
  • Progressive, periodised and muscle-balanced programming updated every 3-6 weeks depending on your results, skill level, and training frequency etc.

4. Goodies:

  • Training Program a5 slip for print-off program
  • One-off 40% discount code for any item of your choice from our website


Note: All nutritional and training advice is purely a guidance for optimal body composition and performance, and not to treat any health illnesses.


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