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Who do we help?


  • you’re 21 with a mind-numbing job and the deep desire to step on stage and Bikini Compete for the intention of building the confidence to truly chase your dream career like Anne-Marie, or
  • You’re 31 with two crazy kids and the deep desire to rebuild your identity, lose 40kg and finally have ‘YOU’ back.. and even better! Like Alicia, or
  • you’re 41 self-employed with the days of ‘living to work and serve my babies’ finally over and the deep desire to reprioritise YOUR health and fitness right now! Like Georgie

So whichever you are, we know how to serve.. and if we can’t serve, we’ve got the friends in other health fields to refer you to!

All we need to see from you, is that you

  • Have a hard work ethic and are a willing to make serious lifestyle changes.. for good
  • Hold high value and respect for your results and health longevity, and are in it for the long game (no quick fad fixes here!)

How do we help?

We go pretty deep! 

Why? Because thats where all the blockages are – the limiting beliefs, fears and coping strategies that are ingrained deep, are the root cause of our stagnation and regression in all aspects of life – our personal, social and careers. 

In other words, yes we teach you specifically what to eat and why, and how to progressively overload your training so you can lift beyond 100kg in your 50’s, but moreover we help you uncover and work through the mindset barriers causing you to not eat very well and not exercise. 

We will take you on a journey from getting to know the workings of your mindset, how your body moves and functions via assessing your health history, bloods, posture, movement and diet analysis, and then we’ll design a tailored programme to not only achieve the surface level goals, but to help overcome the obstacles in your way of future happiness and health longevity. 

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Personal Training at Roar Fitness 247

Seminars & Fitness Retreats


  • Education for Future Fitness Independence 
  • Fat-loss and Lifestyle Transformation
  • IFBB and ICN Bikini Comp Preparation (1st’s, 2nd’s and 3rd’s in both)
  • Nutrition for Stress, Anxiety and Depression
  • Macro-Tracking and Nutrition Advice
  • Pre / Post-Natal (yes, lifting when pregnant is okay!)
  • Body Shaping (Hypertrophy aka Building muscle)
  • Strength and Powerlifting (100kg+ Deadlifts!)
  • HIIT and Circuit Training
  • Home, Body Weight and TRX Training,
  • Calisthenics & Acrobatics (Handstands, Muscle-Ups)

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