Izzy Beeston – Founder of Ambitious Bodies

Who am I?

As a kid I was a sporty scruffy tomboy. My love for being active, free in the sun and always pushing to break past limits, led me to the career of Personal Training. After highschool I lost my identity: I got stuck in a mind-numbing job, stopped exercising, gained weight and fell into depression. But one day I decided I wasn’t going to spend my future living in defeat, and so I transformed! by falling in love with weight lifting, and no longer using food as my coping mechanism for stress.

My passion grew for helping other women break free from being unhappy in their bodies and unfulfilled in their jobs to having the confidence to drastically change the direction of their future, whether that be building a new career, having a baby, a 40kg fat-loss transformation or stepping on stage in their first ever Bikini Competition. 

But then something life-destroyingly serious happened…

After months of disturbing pain undiagnosable by several health professionals, I was finally diagnosed with the autoimmune disease Ankylosing Spondylitis, in late 2019. Though a potentially crippling curse, I see this condition more as a blessing, for I now have far greater understanding and empathy for others living in pain and restriction – physical or emotional. And since, it has become my life’s mission to teach women how to heal themselves holistically too.

In my peak flare up I couldn’t lift a 10kg plate off the floor.. now I’m back Deadlifting 100kg for 3 reps!

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What do I do?

“We Help Ambitious Women Excel In Their Minds & Bodies Through Self-Love, Mindset, Nutrition & Strength Training”

I let my self-hate mentality punish me down to a still-unhappy 43kg, and I refuse to let that mentality consume as many women I can reach.

I work by educating and empowering women to look after, heal and absolutely optimise themselves from the inside out with natural self-healing methods and highly progressive strength training, via Online Coaching and Personal Training.

Through our online learning modules for mindset development and intrinsic nutrition education, weekly group calls, fortnightly check-in’s, goal-focused training plans and custom Macros (and Micro’s!) our clients are equipped with the priceless tools for lifelong results, growth, health and happiness!

Where have I learnt?

  • Clean Health Fitness Institute Performance Nutrition Certification Level 1 & Level 2, 
  • The Carter Institute 12-Month Certification Vanguard in Functional Medicine,
  • Beck Health Advanced Certification in Nutrition, and Nutrition for Stress, Anxiety & Depression
  • Mark Ottobre (Enterprise Fitness) The Internship Perth, and The Internship, Melbourne
  • Preggi Bellies Exercise for Pregnancy & Post Natal Exercise
  • Sebastian Oreb (Aus Strength Coach) Strength System International Certification Level 1
  • Ulrik Larson Rehab Trainer
  • Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness

Personal Coaches: Jake Carter, Guliver Giles. Renee Garner, Bret Contreras, Hattie Boydle, Alice Cousins, Mike Thornton

Alongside books, podcasts and life-changing experiences, I share with my clients the same priceless wisdom I have learnt from these legends!

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Courtney Cheetham – Personal Trainer of Ambitious Bodies

“Don’t compare yourself to others, there’s no comparison between the sun and the moon, they shine when it’s their time.”

Who am I?

From a young age, I’ve always been a lover of sports and staying active has been engraved in me ever since. My love for training in the gym began when I was 14, however the start of my fitness journey is not all sunshine and rainbows. I was obsessed with body ideals and trends, which lead to an unhealthy relationship with exercise and eating habits. I was so focused on weight loss and constantly worrying about being “skinny”, until I began training with Izzy at age 16.  My perception and approach to fitness was transformed by training for enjoyment, eating for nourishment and always wanting to get stronger. This enabled me to grow physically and mentally and to always aim higher and strive for more, and this is the exact attitude I bring to my training. As disciplined as I am,  I am also a big believer in a balanced lifestyle and this has allowed me to love the life I live.
From being the self-ristriced, self-sobataging, lost young teenager to completing two bikini comps and making fitness my lifestyle and passion, with enough drive and dedication, you can achieve anything!

What I do? 

Working with Ambitious Bodies, my goal is to help,inspire,educate and motivate my clients to the best of my ability, no matter where someone is at on their fitness journey. My passion lies with helping women become the strongest and most confident versions of themselves, by making the gym apart of their daily routine, and not a chore! My goals for clients aren’t just aesthetic based, I want my girls FEELING their best, from having higher energy levels, to having a positive mindset, and learning all about how to maximise their health through sustainable habits and routines. Health is a lifestyle, not a quick fix!

Where have I learnt?

  • Clean Health Fitness Institute Performance Nutrition Certification Level 1
  • Cert 3&4 in Fitness
  • Currently studying Exercise Science


Izzy Beeston, Renee Garner, Troy Thornton

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Casey Graham – Personal Trainer of Ambitious Bodies

“Imagine what your life could look like if you started today, and never gave up on you and your goals”

Who am I?

My health and fitness journey began in 2016 and it was always to be as small as possible. I was always doing cardio and not eating enough to fuel my body.

I came to Izzy with no confidence, no self love, low self esteem and was uncomfortable in my own skin. I learnt how to train for enjoyment and strength gain, to reach my goals and how to nourish my body and mind correctly.

I am now 15kg lighter and reached my “unreachable” goal of competing! After my life changing so drastically, my passion to help other women to not succumb to the unhappy binge and restrict cycle I was in, drove me to turn my life upside down with a career change; from stressed and tired shift worker to an energised and passionate PT!

From 4 years of shift work in the veterinary industry and completing a competition prep while on night shift, I have real life understanding of the impact that an ever changing roster of, days, evenings and overnights can have on your life.

What I do?

I want to encourage and guide as many women as possible to reach their health and fitness goals, while still enjoying life. I want to show and educate women that it is possible to reach your goals; whatever they may be and still have fun! I will teach you how to gain complete control over your life.

I help our clients to realise that they can achieve absolutely anything and everything that they set their minds to no matter what their circumstances e.g career driven super woman, night-shift worker, busy Mumma….

Where have I learnt?

  • Clean Health Fitness Institute Strength System International Certification Level 1 
  • Clean Health Fitness Institute Performance Nutrition Certification Level 1 
  • National Women’s Fitness Academy Master Female Trainer Certificate
  • Certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness

Personal Coaches: Izzy Beeston, Renee Garner (Glute classes)

Learn about how and who we help

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