Let’s keep this SUPER SIMPLE and quick. Because hey, you’re a busy woman, and you haven’t got time to waste reading airy blogs by insta-famous models who post booty pics for insulting amounts of money.

I get you, you work so damn hard and push every last breath into your career so that you can travel the world, live in true comfort and feel safe knowing you control your future. But what’s holding you back from truly living your best life, is poor energy levels and pure lack confidence.

So here’s How to Improve Life Quality and Boost Work Performance with my Top Performance Strategies.

How could I get more done in less time, enabling me better work-life balance?

Strategy 1: Stick to a (Workout) Routine and use Google Calendar.

Keep a set time routine of exercise before work (or second-best before lunch). Train for for around 45mins, over most days, to create consistency, productivity and energy surge without burning out, so you can get more tasks done within less time. Use Google Calendar or another scheduling system to map out your weekdays and find yourself save so much time from creating a good productive flow. Less time procrastinating, more time productive.

Why? Studies have proven that workday exercise not only improves wellbeing, but participants noted approx. 70% improvement in time management and workload completed on days they exercised. Studies have shown exercise can reduce stress, improve performance, fight fatigue and lead to fewer workday absences.  

How can I have more energy with fewer calories, enabling me to actually FEEL GOOD whilst get fitter?

Strategy 2: Fill up on 200g or more vegetables per meal, over 3 or more meals daily.

Ensure 3 meals minimum per day consist of a quality protein source with 100-300g worth of mix vegetables! Make a rule: 1 protein + 2 veggies min. per breaky, lunch and dinner (specific amounts, carbs and healthy fats depend on individual). We here at Ambitious Bodies teach our clients about MACROnutrients so you can learn how to make simple swaps like pasta for pumpkin to save on so many calories yet be inrechied with nutrients and energy, perfect for fat-loss.

Why? Aside from the obvious – food gives you energy – the quality level of these foods play a HUGE role in our mental alertness, focus and mood. Eating a diet rich in foods closest to their natural state eg. vegetables, natural proteins, fruits and carbohydrates such as sweet potato and chickpeas, ensures us maximal MICROnutrients like iron, B-vitamins, potassium, fibre and amino acids, that our bodies rely on for energy (as well as bunch of crucial bodily functions). MICROnutrients also aid our sleep, balance our mood, regulate metabolism and strengthen immune system.

How could I have increased productivity whilst drinking less caffeine?

Strategy 3: Exercise before work, not after.

Whether you’re a corporate 9-5er or a Vet on nightshift, exercise BEFORE working (or second-best before lunch break), so you are igniting your brain power and improving productivity. Pump the brain full of blood and notice your energy, brain speed and creativity emerge. Whilst coffee is a great natural pre-workout, keep these to 1-2 max per day to prevent your adrenal glands from burning out and coffee having no effect on you.

Why? Notice that happy buzz you get post-workout? Exercise ensures proper brain function in the hippocampus region, and induces more energy. While exercise keeps blood, glucose and oxygen levels high, feeding the brain, it releases endorphins into the body boosting your mood. Exercise increases the volume of the brain’s hippocampus, promotes the growth of new brain cells, and improves learning and memory.

How do I build roaring strength whilst doing fewer reps?

Strategy 4: Do a Strength Phase of heavier weights and lesser reps.

STRONG BODY STRONG MIND. After decent experience with weight machines or barbells (and a PT), progress your weights to lifting heavier between just 8-1 reps. For example, you could go 5 reps x 5 sets of barbell squats, then 8 reps x 4 sets of barbell hip thrusts, finishing with 15 reps x 3 sets abductor glute burn-outs. Short, sharp, sweet.

Why? Were you repeating that 15-20 rep x 3 rounds lightweight workout or 10km run over and over and over and over? Not feeling stronger, seeing muscle tone and bored to death? You need to progress to the heavy lifting! Whilst there’s a time and place for higher rep weight training and aerobic exercise, lower-rep heavy lifting will be an absolute strength booster and shape-changer! If your body is used to the demands of exercise but you’ve plateau’d, it’s a sign your body is craving the heavier loads with much lesser reps.. yay! You can achieve a great result with twice the weight and half as many reps.

How do I get restful sleep whilst having fewer wines?

Strategy 5: Clean up your Diet and Sleep (Rest) Regime.

Nutrient-Rich Food + Strong Movement + Calm Mindset equal the tripod to optimal health and performance. Our stress levels, what we eat, how much we move and what we do before bed all play a vital role in our brain chemicals, hormones and sleeping patterns. Eat foods rich in nutrients that promote sleep hormones, exercise consistently to build strength, spend time unwinding the brain and stick to a set bed-time routine. 

Here’s how:

  • Eat foods that contain or help produce melatonin like almonds, walnuts, asparagus, fatty fish, flaxseeds, and broccoli, and drink chamomile or peppermint tea before bed. Avoid caffeine, sugar and stimulants before bed (ideally in the PM completely).
  • Move your body daily, and preferably in the morning (or before work if you work nights). Whether it’s walking, weightlifting, pilates, gardening. Many people struggle to sleep because their bodies haven’t exerted enough physical energy (though you can be mentally exhausted). If you can avoid it don’t train any less than 2 hours before bed to avoid the energy buzz stopping you from falling asleep.
  • The bedroom is a ‘switch off’ zone.. that’s NO SCROLLING IN BED!! and turn on ‘Nightshift Mode’. Scrolling in bed means you have bluelight staring into your eyes telling your brain it’s daytime. Bluelight tells the brain it’s daytime by stopping the production of melatonin (sleeping hormone). This is why lamps have warm bulbs, to provide a calming light telling your brain it’s night-time. Avoid blue light in evenings by setting Nightshift Mode on your laptops and phones at least 2 hours before bed (eg. Settings -> Display & Brightness -> Nightshift 7pm-5am).
  • Last but not least, supplementation. Consult your Dr or Naturopath regarding safe, natural remedies. I suggest you try oral Magnesium powder (night version) 30 minutes before bed. Magnesium regulates muscle and nerve function and provides a calming effect, making it a great choice for people struggling to ‘switch off’ before bed, or suffering with stress or anxiety symptoms.

Knowing these Top Performance Strategies is simply the start point, applying them is another story. Contact Izzy at izzybeeston@ambitiousbodies.com.au to begin Transforming Your Lifestyle for a better and brighter future!

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