Success Stories

Alicia Hawkins

What a wonderful woman! Alicia is a full time mum, studying at Uni and suffering from Ankylosing Spondylitis. Despite all these factors, look at what she’s achieved by smashing her PT sessions and tracking her macros. We admire your dedication Alicia, such an inspiration to all the mums out there! ⁣

“Before joining Ambitious Bodies six months ago, I saw exercise and “healthy eating” as a punishment. I was in pain every day from lower back and hip problems. Even though I had always idealised having an active lifestyle and enjoying healthier foods, I never actually saw myself committing to it. Over the years, I had signed up to gyms multiple times, but never had the tools and confidence to show up and work out. However, after dropping some weight, I felt the next step was to start working out to regain some muscle. I wanted help, support, and someone to make sure I wasn’t going to hurt myself with the wrong form, and that’s where I found Courtney!⁣

A few weeks of seeing Court and having the external support from Izzy, I was excited and loving every second in the gym. Izzy and Court have helped changed my mindset – I’ve done a full 360 – it’s six months later and I now live and breathe an active and healthier lifestyle where I see those bad foods and lazy days as a punishment to my body. I’m no longer in pain all day, every day. I am confident going to the gym alone and love every workout. I have also learnt to love my body and feel comfortable in my own skin, which is such a weight off my shoulders (meaning I can add more to the barbell, right? 😜). Thank you so much Courtney and Izzy, you guys are serious life changers!”⁣

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