Success Stories

Alicia M

Nothing but love and good vibes with my ladies.💪🏽 Stop chasing kilo’s and start chasing quality of life, strength, happiness, and confidence!

“I have been with Izzy two years last month. And I can honestly say that she is the best trainer I’ve ever had. She has taught me that the gym is nothing to fear (I feel like it’s my second home I’m that comfortable there) and that food is not the enemy, (I’ve never eaten this much food and been in the shape that I’m in) I’ve also never been this fit in my life.
I’ve recently had some medical problems. And I thought that, that was it for my gym days. But Izzy has shown me that there is always a way around a problem. And has given me programs to work with my now medical issues.
Thank you Izzy 💕”

Our clients age from 17 to 57. There is a training approach for every body and every goal.

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