Success Stories

Alicia Mikulandra

39 years. Client since May 2017 – Ongoing

Alicia is a little pocket rocket! She has been through years of strenuous calorie counting and under-eating. Since joining Ambitious Bodies we have grown her calories from a meer 1,100 calories to 1,800 calories (as of Jan 18), and her waist keeps dropping!

“So today I realised I was wearing the exact shorts and singlet I had on in a photo from my honeymoon which was in 2013. And I was at my supposed skinnyness. I was hardly eating anything. Roughly 1100 calories a day. And now I’m on over 1600 calories a day and look at the difference!! Anyway I just wanted to say thank you so very much for making this happen for me. I’m so happy you are my trainer. You really are the bees knees Izzy. Thank you!! 😘😘😘

Currently: -3kg, waist -4cm, hip -4cm, thigh -3cm,

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