Success Stories

Alicia Murray

One whole year, day in, day out, we have carved this body and mind into a growingly confident, strong, determined, fearless and tough-ass warrior.
Unlike many others, you have given this journey the dedication, passion and most importantly the time, that a TRUE lifestyle shift needs to survive. You have completely morphed your routine and eating habits from sedentary and junk-filled, into what it takes to achieve fat-loss success beyond most peoples’ wildest dreams.

“There are literally no words to express how thankful I am for Izzy. I am loving training, loving my food but especially loving being physically capable to do the jobs around the house and with the kids that my husband would have done in the past. I never thought that I’d be lifting 100kgs for fun or even doing chin ups but I am. I still can’t believe the person on the right is me but I’m starting to believe it a little more each day! Izzy has played such a huge role in changing my life for the better and i can’t say thank you enough!”

3x 60min Buddy Personal Training. Tracks food in My Fitness Pal

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