Success Stories

Amanda Marie

This hot mumma asked to skip her Check In as she thought she hadn’t changed 🤣 DON’T MEASURE PROGRESS BY THE SCALES!! + be kind to your circumstances.

“My motivation for joining Izzy and Ambitious Bodies was to get some structure and accountability on the ‘me time’ I was craving after bubba #3. I wanted someone who was going to challenge me and teach me new things which Izzy has certainly helped me to achieve.

I keep myself accountable to training by blocking that time out every week in the calendar. I know how great training makes me feel and challenging myself weekly makes me feel disciplined and strong. It makes me a happier, healthier role model for my babies and keeps my head in the game.

Now 3 months in, I feel energetic, proud and motivated to keep setting and smashing goals. On the days where I felt unmotivated or lacking progress, this just makes my hunger for more even stronger! 😈”

For fierce mums SERIOUS about getting stronger, fitter and more energised for their bubbas.

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