Success Stories


“I didn’t realise the pain I was in before I met Izzy at Ambitious Bodies, as I thought it was a normal part of life. I was so used to feeling tired, never energised and never super clear on my goals. I honestly thought it was perfectly normal, yet I always felt something was missing.
I’ve learned that in order to achieve my goal, I need solid plan. A plan that fits around my work and social life, that’s easily adaptable and one that also challenges me. One that also isn’t just for the next 8-12 weeks, but a life time.
I’ve learnt so much about myself since meeting Izzy! I never knew I was capable of reaching my goals, it was always on my mind but actually achieving it felt so far away… but now it’s here! I’ve been challenged so much both physically 3 mentally, which has shown me what I’m capable of when I put my heart and mind to it

To those out there that are afraid to take that leap of faith, don’t know where to start, want that goal but don’t know how… all you need to do is take that first step and talk to Izzy! She’s absolutely incredible at what she does, and she made this journey the most enjoyable it could have been! She got me thinking really deep about what I wanted, and my WHY”

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