Success Stories

Beth Bateman

Our minds hold more power over reality than we could ever comprehend. The way we view the world, the way we view ourselves, people around us, and food! etc. Our perception determines the life we live. So if we view ourselves in a poisonous way, that reflects on all our actions in life.

For Beth, she suffered with body image issues leading to an eating disorder. It resulted in her hitting just 50kg (she’s 182cm!). After a long hard journey back to a healthy weight, Beth now enjoys 250g of carbs/day alongside heavy weight lifting. She is confident, energetic and so enthusiastic about her training. I see how happy it makes her, and simultaneously her numbers just keeping flying in the gym, PB after PB.

“Throughout my training with Izzy I have gained a lot more confidence in myself, feel stronger and feel the healthiest and the best I have ever felt. When I first started with Izzy I lacked confidence and struggled with body image. Now I smash out weights and feel the strongest I have ever physically and mentally felt due to Izzy’s motivation and programming and I am looking forward to see my future progress with Izzy.”

When you look after yourself you feel good.
When you feel good you do good.
When you do good, good things happen to you.

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