Success Stories

Brooke Coleman

Brooke Coleman 25yrs. Client for 2 years.

When first started personal training was my intention to just do a few weeks to what i thought would help me found motivation again to get back into the gym. Only after less than a few sessions izzy already turned my thinking around and i decided to stick with it and actually go all in. Izzy turned everything into a positive session regardless of my moods or lack of motivation at begging of any session and never gave up on reminding me i could do it regardless of any injury or days were i wasnt not feeling the best about myself.

Training turned into a time i looked forward to and some how a break from other day to day chores and something purely for myself.

Making that step to do personal training isnt just the push you are looking for to help with the gym training side, with izzy i got constant support outside of our sessions. Even if it was just a txt msg about what choice would be better food wise and why! Getting soo much more than what any other personal trainer i had been with before not because it was her job but purley because she cared and wanted to help.

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