Success Stories

Carly Brookfield

Another gorgeous soul transforming her mind to a healthy feel-based mentality. Carly has come so far mentally words cannot describe, as well as her astounding fat-loss following a low carb diet. Numbers are out, happiness and quality of life are in.💕

“Training with Izzy has changed how I feel about exercise, I won’t lie, I still struggle to stay motivated sometimes, but what Izzy has taught me is that motivation comes and goes, it’s about commitment. Never in my life have I stuck out exercise for this long, and I’ve created habits I will maintain forever, I actually feel lost when I don’t train now! When I started with Izzy, I had already lost 20kgs and wanted to get to that magical number I had in my head. Now, it’s not about the numbers on that scale, it doesn’t rule me for the first time in my life, I’ve stopped weighing everyday and I’m happy with whatever weight I am. My new goals, are all about how I FEEL and my goals are smashing those PB’S and lifting heavy! I can deadlift my body weight and one of my favourite things is the bench press and chin ups! Who would have thought! I find running FUN, and I couldn’t have done any of it without Izzy’s support, encouragement, tough love when I was full of excuses and her guidance. Thank you Izzy! Can’t wait to smash more goals this year 😍”

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