Success Stories


“Just a few months ago I was living in constant, crippling pain. I had normalised it so heavily in my mind and started to use to as a shield and excuse to not chase my goals and aspiration.
With extraordinary and holistic help from Courtney and Izzy at Ambitious Bodies, my life and health have changed drastically for the better. I am in significantly less pain, I lift heavy, I’m achieving goals I’d believed to be impossible for myself, and I am finally starting to feel comfortable and beautiful in my own body.
AB assists with so much more than just workouts, it’s mindset, self talk, nutrition, movement and wellness all delivered in understandable, easy to digest information in a supportive community.
I’ve been so inspired by my journey here that I have finally decided to study nutrition, a long term passion of mine, so I can help other women understand how they can heal themselves like I have.”

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