Success Stories

Charli Mcleod

Determined, confident and strong. ⁣
What a journey it has been for @charlie.mcloudyy ❤️💪🏽

“Prior to meeting court I was a very different person then I am today. I have been in n out of my family home since I was 15yrs old supporting myself so let’s be honesty my eating was bloody terrible I would often not eat or extremely over eat and it was always processed junk! I had always been insecure about my appearance growing up, I would spend about an hour each morning panicking and stressing over what to wear because I never felt comfortable or confident in anything ⁣
I hit a point in life where I was sick of being miserable something needed to change ⁣

Along this journey I’ve found things Ive struggled with, things that have challenged me. Never did I understand the importance of food and how much it effects your body and mind. My eating has played a massive part of my growth learning to eat enough each day but ensuring it’s nutritional food to fuel my body! ⁣

Becoming a part of ambitious bodies will always be the best thing I’ve done I’m genuinely the happiest I’ve been in life. They have not only helped with my physical health but these girls have helped me have a positive outlook on life. It’s crazy to look back and see my progress from weight loss to growing muscle, I’ve shown myself I’m capable of so much more then I thought! ⁣
I could never thank the girls enough for showing and teaching me tips I will carry through life, for teaching me that my body is capable of doing anything I put the effort into 💕”⁣

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