Success Stories

Charlie Mcleod

This gem! 🤩😍
“So I’ve finally hit 6months with ambitious bodies & Roar Fitness. I have always been pretty healthy and active growing up I was always doing something dance, netball, cheerleading but as I got older my diet got worse I exercised less and stopped doing sport and gained weight. I became really self conscious and insecure with my appearance. ✨
I had made a few attempts joining gyms but had no clue what I was doing and would get anxious and just walk out. At the beginning of May this year I decided to join roar.
I had a few friends and family who were members and thought why not give another gym a go. First 2-3weeks It was like always I would get there and just freak out and leave.

I knew if I wanted to commit I needed more knowledge on everything training, nutrition, form, supplements so I decided to get myself a personal trainer. Tuesday May 28th I had my first every session with Courtney Cheetham and I have not looked back since. I’ve gained more and more confidence in the gym and now love training I go as much as I can typically 4-6 days a week and my diet is complete different (no I don’t have a strict diet I can still eat whatever I want as long as I fit it into my macros)

Currently I’ve lost 16kg 😳
a total of 55.7cm and
11.2% body fat
I Love the changes I’ve made for life and can’t wait to see what the future holds.”

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