Success Stories


“When I first joined AB I was like most female teens which means I was caught up in social media and thinking I had to look and act in a certain way. This really made an impact on my mental health as I was extremely unhappy but was doing nothing beneficial to make a change. It has now almost been 2 years with AB and boy have things change drastically.

I’ve learned that my body is capable of a lot more that I thought, I’ve learned to love my body for itself and I’m able to look at myself and be happy! Don’t get me wrong I still see some flaws in myself as we all do but I am no longer picking myself apart and now when I walk past a mirror or see my reflection I smile because I’m happy with who I am and what I see!

I’m incredibly thankful to be apart of the AB family and recommend anyone struggling with self image and/or self confidence to come join the family”

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