Success Stories

Courtney Cheetham

What made this body:
🔹 5 years of PROGRESSIVE weight lifting
🔹 2000-2600 calories of quality nutrition
🔹 Minimal and scheduled cardio (step goals & sprints)
🔹 An aggressive 8 week 2600 cal ‘bulk’
🔹 A structured 3 months of a 1750-1550 calorie deficit
🔹 TWO days only of 1400 calories
🔹 No crazy supplements
🔹 A very strong and driven mindset
🔹 Listening to her coach and frequent reviewing
🔹 Following the process
🔹 Discipline, repetition, sacrifice.

*Court dropped to 8.8% in the last week between @icn_wa
@ifbbwa!! Stay tuned…*

If you want to compete you need to be HEAD STRONG, and it is not for the half-assed. Competing is hard work. Extreme sacrifice, but so damn worth it!

If you’re familiar with weights and ready for a serious challenge, email Izzy for Comp Prep Online Coaching:

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