Success Stories

Courtney Cheetham

3 years difference, 2016-2019. ⁣

One major difference? On the left I didn’t listen to my PT, and on the right I listened to my PT.⁣

On the left I was miserable to say the least, I still worked out 3-4 times a week, but they were half-assed workouts and rushed. I wasn’t tracking ( even though Izzy gave me my own personalised macros) and binge eating most nights.⁣

On the right, I’m tracking my food every day ( yes this includes weekends and when I drink alcohol) and working out 5-6 times a week giving it my all. There was NO way two years ago I’d be caught dead in a crop top in the gym, fast forward two years, my confidence and mindset has totally changed. ⁣

I’m forever grateful for Izzy and how she’s helped me achieved my goals, and I’m stoked I get to help my girls feel the exact same. ⁣

Listen to your PT, trust the process and track your macros ❤️

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