Success Stories

Courtney Cox

It’s not about the fat-loss. It’s about the beautiful lifestyle that comes with that fat-loss. That fat-loss gives Courtney the confidence to rock her bikini and head straight into the ocean without second thought about her body. It’s the strength she maintained from training throughout her pregnancy that keeps her fit and energetic with her busy life *with now 3 kids!!*. It’s the physical and health she maintained by nourishing with food and tracking macros that has kept Courtney in the best position possible to care for her family and herself. She is every mothers’ inspiration of how you can juggle kids, work, a FIFO partner AND still prioritise your own health, #noexcuses.

“A BIG Thank you to Izzy from ambitious bodies for helping me get here.
After my 3rd baby, my goal was to get back to my pre-pregnancy body. Izzy continually monitored my macros and changed them accordingly. Also making sure I’m never bored in the gym with her personalised programs.”

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