Success Stories

Courtney Cox

Meet our blonde bombshell Courtney Cox​

Court is now over 21 weeks pregnant, she is STILL:
✅ tracking and sticking to her personalised Macros;
✅ checking in at weekly ‘Weigh-In Wednesday’;
✅ training just as hard with her pregnancy-suited Training Program;
✅ looking amazing;
✅ feeling amazing;
✅ getting results!

A lot of women are given the idea they should hobble around holding their back, ‘eat for 2’ and completely blow-out because their pregnant, but we now know exercise is your best friend!

Court is a perfect example of how your life fitness doesn’t come to a halt when getting pregnant. There is always a way to work fitness into your lifestyle. Training whilst pregnant *if approved by your dr* has a bunch of benefits such as:

✅ helps reduce backaches, constipation, bloating, swelling, control excess weight gain, relieve stress and tension, smoother recovery and maintenance of strength / reduce muscle loss, cope with labor, recover from labor, make you feel good, etc etc!

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