Success Stories


Eilene was dealt some tricky cards, but nothing will stop her building her best future. 💕✨

“The pain I was in when I started stemmed from years of self shaming and anger towards my body, bad diets and choices, emotional eating. I made a mental mind switch realising I am so blessed to have my legs and arms and the ability to do something about my situation I just need someone to point me and guide me in the how, how to achieve my goals. I started to exercise because I love my body not because I hate it, that mind set is what gets me through each session! This is what God has given me …. it’s not perfect but it’s me and I owe it to myself to be the best version of that, the healthiest one!

I have learnt so much in the past year and a half in handling my condition and focusing on what is in my control, mental strength and consistency! This is a life style not a quick fix, life will throw me set backs but it’s looking at the next step in progress each day that shows the greatest impact in the long run!

Recording results and seeing them has motivated me in celebrating even the smallest steps and has shown me that if you want something enough you can achieve it! It’s all up to what you willing to put in! Nothing worth having comes easy but if you willing to work for it you might surprise yourself. Everyone is different I have realised a one shoe fits all approach in this journey is not a heathy one but learning how to care for your unique body is so worth it thanks to Izzy her incredible knowledge and true compassion and love for what she does has changed my whole life approach to being healthy!

Thank you xo”

PCOS, Endo, no gall bladder. Things that cause Eilene struggle WONT be the reasons she holds back. So proud of you!

Defy your circumstances and build better health with our help!

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