Success Stories

Elyse Cameron

31 years. Client since Sep 2017 & ongoing.

Elyse came to me in prep for her Wedding. She already looked incredible, but wanted to try PT to up her game. Elyse was astonished with just how far we took her body! She looked phenomenal on her wedding day. Elyses only regret: not starting sooner.

“Before I started training with izzy, I considered myself to be “super healthy”. I was training 6 days a week, pushing my body through cardio session after cardio session and eating only what I though was “healthy” food, but my body had hit a plateau. In only a few short months with izzy, I have started seeing so many changes in my body – she has taught me to work smarter, not harder – by incorporating weights into my weekly routine and I now eat more food than I’ve ever eaten!”

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