Success Stories

Emily Lock

Life might get away from you sometimes, but you always have the choice to take it back. ✨

“After gaining weight in lockdown I was really unhappy with my appearance and my habits and I needed to change but had no idea where to begin and the thought of going to the gym honestly petrified me. I gained nearly 6 kilos, I wasn’t very active and didn’t really have any idea what I was eating and putting into my body, I would usually not eat until 3pm, binge eating anything that was easy and then wash it down with 3+ beers so my mental state wasn’t very good either.
After reaching out to @ambitiousbodiesI have learnt so much already, I have been educated and changed my habits on what I eat, including the nutritional value, I now meal prep, weigh and track my food which I thought would be a nightmare but now it’s like second nature and I do it without even realising.

I’ve gained my self confidence back, I feel amazing after every session with Court, I don’t feel nervous about going to the gym anymore which is a massive achievement for me! I still go out and enjoy myself and have a drink but it’s all in moderation now!”

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