Success Stories


“After being with Ambitious bodies a few years ago and reaching my goal to shred for my fortieth, I’d continue going to the gym but stopped tracking my macros, lifting heavy and slowly slipped back into some bad habits. I went on holidays and realised after wearing bathers that I really wasn’t feeling my best so decided to return to Izzy as her program is the only thing that has worked for me to lean up and feel happy with my body. Ive realised that this is a way of life now as I’ve not only lost weight and gained muscle but the correlation between mental health, stress levels and happiness is so closely intertwined as well as so many other health benefits. I’ve really learnt to love abs prioritise exercise and use it as a form of stress relief even tho I lead a really busy life. By having a gym program and having weekly PT with Izzy I’ve improved my form, become more consistent and reached goals to keep me motivated. Tracking macros sounds difficult but it’s really not hard and it’s surprisingly flexible and still allows for creativity with food. For me this truly is the only way to stay on track. There’s no starving or gimmicks but just a good amount of really healthy food.
If you’re feeling like you need to lose weight or just get fit, take the leap and give Ambitious bodies a go. You won’t regret it.”

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