Success Stories

Gogi Tomasevic

This one is for the mums!

You work 27 hours a day.
You’ll be sleep-deprived, ravished and unwashed, and yet your children will go to school with pycho energy, lunches packed and uniform tidy.
Your work goes unrewarded, unnoticed and yet you will always persist.
You will take the shirt off your back to keep your children happy.
Because you are a mum.
And that’s what good mums do.

And when you finally have the energy, the brain-space or are simply so sucked-dry from losing your identity that you finally take the plunge into investing in yourself, you’ll be so damn busy you won’t even notice it!

But that’s why we’re here.
Not just to ‘motivate’ you to get fit, but to be a support system.
Someone who’s here just for you, when your brain is resting.
Whom has your back when you need a shoulder to learn on, when yours have been learned on raw.
And when you’re so caught up in mum-life, we’ll remind you just how damn beautiful, strong and incredible you are!

Look at how far you’ve come @gogi.tomasevic Eating like a beast, training like a powerlifter.
We’re so proud of you!

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