Success Stories

Izzy Beeston

Most ladies start out with the goal to lose ‘weight’. Before you know much about anything fitness you under-eat calories and do hours of cardio. After hitting either a wall of de-motivation or the results plateau, you learn there’s much more to fitness than this. You’ve lost muscle as well as fat and are left feeling soft or flabby, and you’re not satisfied.
So the next step is to educate: get a personal trainer and learn about weights + MACROnutrients and their role together in ensuring lean muscle gain, increased energy and FAT-loss (you want to preserve muscle!).
With this information and experience, you not only have:
1. more freedom & control over your food;
2. increased energy & fitness;
3. muscle toning starting to show; and
4. waist starting to shrink; you now realise that your body goals can go far and beyond ‘weight-loss’.

You actually have this immense power over what your body can do and look like. And now you get to be the driver, no longer the passenger. This power is freaking fabulous! But this power needs discipline over your actions and responsibility over every life’s encounters.

As Mark Manson said in his book ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F* *k’, “With responsibility comes great power”. Accepting responsibility, whether or not at fault, enables you to grow and evolve.

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