Success Stories

Ali Lazzaro

“I joined Ambitious Bodies in October 2018. Before signing up with Izzy I had no self confidence. I never liked what I saw when I looked in the mirror, I had very little to no self worth or self love & After many years of feeling this way I had, had enough. ⁣

I started with 3 x 60 minutes PT sessions a week. I now do 5-6 sessions a week, having built this up slowly over time. ⁣
I have learnt how to exercise and train for my goals and increase my strength. How to have complete control over my nutrition and NEVER feel restricted, yes this means having meals out and a cocktail every so often and chocolate every day. I have learnt how to master my mind set and I now feel so in control of my life. ⁣

All aspects of my life have improved since working with Izzy. I reached my “unreachable” goal of competing. I am no longer a victim to the restrict and then eat badly cycle. I am so confident in myself and have learnt that I am worthy and I deserve to spend the time and energy investing in my health and nutrition, not just for now and my physique goals but to keep me fit and healthy for the rest of my life, to feel good inside and out. To be around for a really long time and to be able to see my great grand children grow up. I want to be dancing when I am 90 and if I keep going on the path that I am paving with Izzy, I will get there. ⁣

I want to be able to show as many women as possible that they don’t have to feel the way that I was. That anything is possible and any goal is reachable with the right knowledge, support and mindset. So I have started studying my Cert III & IV in Fitness and Master Female Trainer Certificate, so that I can make this possible.”⁣

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