Success Stories


“I sought out Izzy when I was ready to take my bodybuilding to the next level! After losing nearly 20kg I was ready to lay down more muscle mass and achieve the requisite leanness required of competitive bikini bodybuilders. I was ready for something new!
Coach Izzy was a breath of fresh air! Her enthusiasm, encouragement, and know-how was just what I needed to propel me to that next level I was craving. After an initial couple of freak-outs over my calories being so high (over 2400 initially!) and my reps being so low (only 3-5 reps for some exercises seemed so foreign when I was used to doing 15-12), Izzy thankfully calmed my fears by explaining the bio-neurological principles behind varying rep ranges and things like Push/Pull Splits. I finally accepted that in order to change the result I had to change the process – so I fully trusted the process and thank goodness I did! I recently brought my best physique (best shape, and lowest body fat of 10%) to the stage, coming away with two First Place medals, one Second Place medal, and one Third Place medal. I cannot thank Izzy and her Ambitious Bodies Team enough for everything she has done for me. I’m enjoying training again, I have learned so much about bodybuilding physiology, and I know my coach is as invested in me as I am invested in them and in myself. I’m working smarter-not-harder in the gym, and I’m eating more calories and carbs than I ever thought possible while building a lean physique. This process wasn’t easy but Izzy sure made it FUN”

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