Success Stories

Katey Williams

31yrs. Client for 1.7 years and ongoing

I have made so much progress training with Izzy. When I first started all I wanted was to get rid of the extra weight I had put on travelling. Life has changed a lot and I now have to focus a lot more on my health. By having a program to follow and a nutrition plan to guide me it has helped me try and keep things on track. I am seriously proud not only by the fact that I can deadlift 125kg quite comfortably and have some obvious changes on the outside, but on the inside my cholesterol, lipids, iron and hormones are all better than normal. Izzy has not just made me physically strong, and healthy, training with her has kept me sane and mentally strong, enabling me to deal with a very stressful job and life.

Current PB’s: Bench 50kg, Squat 110kg, Deadlift 125kg

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