Success Stories

Kelly Mazzone

Running over 60km/week Versus weight training!!! Kelly you are looking insane. 😱😍

“Before meeting Izzy I would run up to 60 + km per week.
I thought running was the key to stay fit strong, lean and healthy. I suffered constant injuries and setbacks with little results. If I wanted to change the way I trained and felt mentally I needed the right person and that was Izzy. Strength training, learning how to eat correctly and changing my mindset has been life changing. The results speak for themselves. I no longer suffer from injury, I feel/look amazing and my body is so much stronger. I still run occasionally but for fun with a PB along the way.”

Weights don’t make you bulky, carbs don’t make you fat. It’s about a balance of nutrients, consistent exercise, stress control and periodisation of all the above.

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