Success Stories


“Before starting with ambitious bodies I found that I was constantly bloated & in pain after eating food! Scared to try different things in fear of how my stomach would react. Feeling like I was in a rut & not progressing lead me to reach out.
Since joining AB I’ve learned all about the different inflammatory foods & meal additions that make it more nutritious.

I’ve also joined a gym for the first time in 25yrs & achieving different exercise goals that I’d never thought i’d do- something as simple as running on a treadmill to as big as dead lifting 45kg.
I’d say my life has benefited since starting with Casey, Court & Izzy as I now know what I’m capable of achieving through diet and exercise changes. Cooking for myself doesn’t seem so daunting & I look at the bigger picture when picking what to eat & how to train.
If you’re after a strong community of woman who support each other & have the backing of amazing trainers then AB is the place. I have skills that will carry on for the rest of my life”

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