Success Stories

Nancy Coughlan

Whilst fat-loss is a benefit of Personal Training, it’s not the main reason. Strength, energy and confidence are, like they are for Nightshift worker mum of two @nancycougs ⁣

“When I joined AB I was tired, unmotivated and a bit miserable really. I had a friend join AB a few months prior and she spoke highly of Courtney and Izzy so I thought there was nothing to lose. 3 months down the line, and despite the gym closing half way through due to Covid, I am amazed at how rewarding eating right and doing exercise is- both physically and mentally. ⁣
There is no denying that if you stick to the tailored diet and exercise plan that gets made for you, you WILL see results. ⁣
I am happier and definitely not as tired even though I have two kids and do permanent nights for work! Thanks so much to both Courtney and Izzy. You work so hard and are a great team.”⁣

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