Success Stories

Pamela Cricelli

Client for 7months & ongoing

I decided to join Roar Health Club to get back into shape after having 3 children. I had tried everything possible to lose the extra weight but nothing worked.

I had my first conciliation with Izzy and she was brillant. I had always thought lots of exercise and little food was the way to lose weight and be healthy. Now I know I was wrong. Izzy wrote me up a meal plan and for the first few months I was struggling to hit my macros. Izzy every time I saw her was telling me to trust her, to make sure I hit my macros. But it’s hard to change my way of thinking. Izzy would keep telling me to be positive and trust her. She would show me how her body had changed by hitting her macros and doing the right exercises.

Now 7 months later and I trust Izzy with my life. I know I have a long way to go but my health and body are stronger then they have ever been before. Because of Izzy’s encouragement and dedication she has helped me become a more positive and motivated person.

I can not thank her enough for helping me get though my hard times and I feel blessed that she is helping me on my journey to be the healthiest and happiest person I can be.

I would recommend anyone who is struggling with weight and their fitness to speak to Izzy. She will help you achieve your goals and is a great mentor.

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