Success Stories


Renee was stuck in the starve-binge-starve cycle like many of us. She’d kill herself with cardio and minimal carbs, only to binge-eat the calories back come weekends. Since finding ambitious bodies Renee has regained control over food, as she enjoys bowls of cereal and mountains of rice while she’s building that booty! We are also working on her mindset and self-image – just goes to show you can have a 6-pack but still be unhappy with your body! Change the way you think.

“Originally when I started training with Izzy it was because I wanted to lose weight and fit back into old clothes I had. And at first I was getting frustrated because I felt like it wasn’t happening fast enough and I wasn’t seeing my numbers drop quickly. But Izzy has supported me the whole way through and encouraged me to trust the process. It’s been slow and steady and I’m not done yet but I didn’t realize just how far I had come until I saw where I started. I am eating more food than I ever thought I should be and loving that I don’t have to kill myself with cardio! Thank you Izzy for your patience, belief and truth talks to keep me motivated and on track. Extremely grateful and can’t wait to see how much more I can achieve with your help!! 😊“

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