Success Stories

Sarah White

Some ladies are blessed with pregnancies where they work up until labour day, others not so lucky like Sarah spend months bedridden with nausea, vomiting and struggle with eating. 6 month’s postnatal Sarah is working her butt off literally. Macros ✅ weights ✅ me-time ✅.

“I cannot recommend Izzy enough. Although I was going to the gym before becoming pregnant, I felt I needed to work on my form and don’t have the time to make a gym plan since becoming a mother. Even though I’m not at my goal weight I’m already feeling fitter and more defined than pre-pregnancy.
During pregnancy I had a tough time, constantly sick and my pelvis was not stable enough so I had to stop exercising early on which was devastating for me. After having my beautiful daughter I felt weak and out of shape and totally not sexy at all, which is to be expected except I had put on roughly 30kgs from pregnancy so I knew I would need to work hard to get rid of the extra weight. Now I’m half way to where I would like to be and can squat 50kg, and feeling so much more confident. My partner even commented how good my butt 🍑 was looking. 👌🏽”

Think you know enough? There’s ALWAYS more to learn. 🧠 💭 📧

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