Success Stories

Shannon East

Post-Natal Depression affects so many women. It’s a serious illness that can swallow you whole, taking all normal thoughts and pleasures and hiding them out of sight. ⁣

When I showed Shan her check-in pics she gave minimal reaction – trapped in a mindset of ‘I should see more change by now’. But when I asked Shannon how she was FEELING now versus this time last year, her eyes opened wide and lit up, head shaking with emotion. “SO MUCH BETTER”.⁣

Shan was quiet and almost blank when we first met, now she’s laughing, joking, pro-reacting and her personality is bubbly, playful and determined! She is SO strong, and always gives the heavier weights a go. Every week that goes by I see more and more of the real snazzy Shan that went absent after her 3rd baby set off PND.⁣

Shannon we are all SO PROUD of you! Every laugh and joke from you warms our heart and we feel honoured to help you out of the dark. We may have a long way to go but you have come a LONG way already 💕⁣

🔹PT x2-3 weekly

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