Success Stories


From total exercise newbies to previous sport junkies. There is ALWAYS a training method and nutrition approach to suit your needs. My girl Shay whom used to love swimming, but adulting + desk job pulled her away, has found new passion and SERIOUS strength in the gym.💪🏽

“Since starting with Izzy my confidence in going to the gym and using the equipment has skyrocketed. I was teamed with a training buddy and she is an absolute gem of a person. Izzy doesn’t shy away from putting the facts infront of you (in the best way possible) and this really opened my eyes to health, fitness and nutrition. I can’t say how much value the monthly weigh in’s are and the fact that Izzy makes herself available to you almost 24/7 to answer any questions. I now am lifting weights and loving getting strong so thankful for the education Izzy has been able to provide me with.”

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