Success Stories

Suzie Moffat

I have always struggled with my weight and it has always defined how I live my life.

I was at my lightest when I was 18, loving life and was very confident in how I looked.

Then I fell pregnant and 3 kids later and a failed relationship I had gained another 30 kilos. I am now 42 years old.

I have tried every diet from the cabbage soup diet to the lemon detox diet. Some were successful but the weight never stayed off and I would always return to my old eating habits.

I have followed this cycle for the last 20 years and it has impacted my self-esteem and my non-existent social life.

Late 2019 I decided now was the time to take control and start the journey to a healthier and fulfilling life.

Thanks to Izzy and Courtney I am now well on the way. Courtney has created programs for me that are very challenging but I fill comfortable in doing by myself as I find the gym a bit out of my comfort zone.

I have also learnt a lot about the food I eat, in the past I was always focused on eating as little calories as I could I have now realised this has probably contributed to my weight gain.

I am learning new things every week and can actually say I now enjoy the gym, it’s a time to de stress and focus on me. This is a journey for me and I have accomplished a lot in the last 6 months and excited for the next 6 months. My only regret is not doing this along time ago.”

We’re so proud of Suzie M! 💕

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