Success Stories

Tia Burton

Was the Mind Demon that will bother @tiaburton_ no more!

“I felt defeated, like I was doing everything right and seeing no results, feeling exhausted from pushing myself physically not realising it was my mind holding me back!

I’ve learnt to not apply so much pressure to myself, That balance between work, health, leisure and relationships takes time to establish and doesn’t happen overnight!

I no longer resort to emotional eating when times get tough, I’ve been able to adjust that feeling of “fomo” and look at things glass half full and feeling better for it. I look forward to training and achieving new goals, as it makes me feel strong,proud and empowered

Trust your gut instinct, I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into but something was drawing me to start this journey and I’m so glad I did ! Having Izzy’s support has been so reassuring and confidence building, I am very grateful 💞”

Ladies, you are so worthy and deserving of all the self-love and success you desire. You just need to believe in yourself, and do the hard work. Tia was already eating well and weigh training prior starting with us.. and yet look at the results we had in SUCH short time!!

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