Success Stories


“I was trying all the different short term challenges working my but off and not reaping the results, as I didn’t have the knowledge! I was feeling really defeated when I came across AB and immediately felt i had made the right decision for me I have been able to confidently build a sustainable lifestyle, as I’ve started to find that balance between work, my health, leisure and relationships. I look forward to training and achieving new goals, as it makes me feel strong, proud and empowered Ive learnt the power of weight training in combination with good nutrition and constantly working in my mental health, what I am truly capable off In and out of the gym, So much so it has sparked a interest to begin my journey towards my own career in personal training to hopefully give this same guidance to even more people! Sometimes we just need a little help or encouragement, I’m so glad I took that leap and find that in AB, I am very grateful”

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