Are you sick of never feeling good enough?

Are you sick of achieving so high in your career, but your physique not being up to same standard?

Are you afraid of missing your window? Cracking another decade and not feeling good within your body?

You’re not alone. We help women just like you.

Imagine if you could set your health up in a way that bred not only fitness results, but gave food freedom & flexibility – whether it be room for a baby, or a holiday.

Imagine if you had the tools to be fully empowered & independent with your fitness as you are with your career, through all up’s and down’s of adulthood, to have limitless strength and peak energy ..No more crash diets or Group Class dependance..

Ambitious Bodies will guide you through Nutrition using Macro-Tracking so you no longer starve, obsess over a set meal plan or yo-yo diet. We’ll guide you through getting strong, energetic and lean using Weight Training so you no longer live with stiffness and pain. We’ll build discipline and confidence through Mindset Work so this becomes a lifestyle shift.. no more expiry dates! Along side our Online Coaching you will grant access to our Online Course, so you have this Progressive Training & Nutrition Knowledge forever!

Strong body, strong mind.

Personal Training at Roar Fitness 247

Seminars & Fitness Retreats


  • Education for Future Fitness Independence 
  • Fat-loss and Lifestyle Transformation
  • ICN Bikini Comp Preparation
  • Nutrition for Stress, Anxiety and Depression
  • Macro-Tracking and Nutrition Advice
  • Pre / Post-Natal
  • Body Shaping (Hypertrophy aka Building muscle)
  • Strength and Powerlifting (100kg+ Deadlifts!)
  • HIIT and Circuit Training
  • Home, Body Weight and TRX Training,
  • Calisthenics & Acrobatics (Handstands, Muscle-Ups)

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