Confidence Is Built, Not Born.. so let’s get building!

Meet Izzy Beeston

As a kid I was a sporty scruffy tomboy. After highschool I lost my identity: I got stuck in a mind-numbing job, stopped exercising, gained weight and fell into depression. But one day I decided I wasn’t going to spend my future living in defeat, and so I transformed! by falling in love with weight lifting, and no longer using food as my coping mechanism for stress.

My passion grew for helping other women break free from being unhappy in their bodies and unfulfilled in their jobs to having the confidence to drastically change the direction of their future, whether that be building a new career, having a baby, a 40kg fat-loss transformation or stepping on stage in their first ever Bikini Competition. 

But then something life-destroyingly serious happened…

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The Blog

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