Success Stories


From HIIT and cardio to heavy lifting.
This queen just got a 100kg PB.. whilst she was recovering from a cold!! Your strength, determination and ability to juggle three kids with two jobs is so inspiring! ✨

“I returned to @ambitiousbodiesbecause even though I was exercising 4-5 times a week HIIT I had slipped into some habits that weren’t giving me results. Not tracking, eating wrong proportions and over training.

I knew from last time that macro tracking worked and after putting on bathers in July realised I’d undone all my hard work from before.

I know now this has to be a way of life and not slide back

I’m happier with having a leaner body which gives me more self confidence but also the diet suits my gut which I have issues with. Feel more energised and feel healthier.”

*side note: progress pics are essential! We can see how G’s upper trap is aggravated and so we’ll rehab this now.

For Career Queen Mums whom know how crucial their energy and health is keep on top of a high demanding life, we offer you the understanding, guidance and support you need!

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