Success Stories

Kim Macfarlane

It’s not all about the scales ladies! Same weight, but now with a whole lot of muscle, a booty and abs 😍 We’re so proud of your transformation Kimmy,  not only physically but mentally ❤️⁣

“I started off a year ago with ambitious bodies at roar fitness cockburn. It has been an extremely eye opening transformation. I started from going to the gym once a week with my support worker to help with may anxiety and self doubt. I went to the front desk asking about a pt and within a couple of days I got a call from Courtney. I was scared, shy, out of shape, really uncomfortable in my body, eating fast food 2-3 days a week, no self confidence and absolutely scared of the gym as I felt like people where watching me. Now I am around the same weight, still shy but slowly breaking out of it, the gym is my second home, love training, track roughly how much I eat (with out obsessing) and this is the most comfortable I have felt in my body in well ever. I could not thank Izzy, Ambitious Bodies, Roar Fitness and Courtney enough for training me, giving me nutrition and vitamin advice and checking my form constantly. I have learnt so much and can only hope to learn more. Courtney thank you for being my friend and psychologist through a really tough year in my life. I can’t express how much you both helped me transform into who I am today. “⁣

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