Success Stories

Rach Herbert

Your exercise and nutritional habits directly impact your mental health, just as mental health directly impacts your exercise and nutritional habits. This is a bidirectional relationship.

Let’s say you skip the gym and feel bad, that night you conveniently eat crap takeout and binge-watch Netflix as your soul searches for that same dopamine hit you would’ve felt from training.

On the contrary, let’s say you get an Online Coach who designs a nutrition plan with you that is both delicious and sustainable, and you go a whole 8 weeks without craving crap!…

“Before I started with Izzy I lacked confidence, massively. My mental state wasn’t the best and I had no idea about nutrition, or the requirement my body needed. I was so embarrassed of my weight and I knew I needed to start something and stick to it. I joined F45 and reached out to Izzy who has given me plenty of advice and guidance in relation to my nutrition. 3 months later, I have lost 10kg and am 5kg away from my goal weight. Now, I know and understand my body. I absolutely love training and eating lots of protein for breaky! Thank you so much, Izzy! You have helped me gain so much confidence and I now understand what “macros” are and how to eat right to fuel my body. You have changed my eating habits for the better. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 😊”

Eat and exercise to feel better = crave better foods = feel even better

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