Success Stories

Remy Mckee

I feel like I’m on repeat when I say SCALES DO NOT MEASURE YOUR SUCCESS.
Weight, though a helpful measurement, is not THE metric you should judge your progress by. At ambitious bodies we take multiple progress metrics such as: your girth cm’s, body fat percentage, full body photos, posture analysis, and we encourage you to choose an outfit that you’d like to fit into by month X.
Most significantly, record how you are FEELING before your journey, and then throughout your journey. See your mindset transcend from “sad, lethargic, depressed, weak, flabby” to “happy, confident, strong, energetic, more patience with kids, less stressed, sexy”. Your mental state determines your perspective on the world, therefore your quality of life depends on the state of it.

“Before starting with Izzy my mental health was at a low and I hated working out, I wanted to start feeling good about myself again! Since I started training I have fallen in love with exercising and the happiest and the most positive I’ve been in 2 years! I was concerned I would eat next to nothing to loose weight but I feel like I am eating more than I did before! Looking forward to the future can only get better from here.”

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